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We've All Become God's Madmen...

25 September 1976
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I am a filmmaker working in every genre, with a great love of art cinema, french new wave, italian giallo, german expressionism, Fellini, Kubrick, Coppola, Star Wars (I-VI), Hammer horror, and Universal Classic Monsters. I have made one feature film and a historical documentary on the Bald Knobber vigilantes for PBS thus far, with plans to make a feature about flappers in the immediate future.

Incidentally, one of the times I interviewed my favourite band They Might Be Giants, as an aside to the proceedings I told them I was (at the time) a grad student in filmmaking, and that I planned to make an experimental film of them someday. I went on to try to describe it, saying I didn't know how to explain it but that they'd be in it, and all I knew was how it began and ended, and would they be up for something like that? Two years and 8 mos. later they released their album The Spine, whose title track was "Experimental Film", the lyrics of which cited much of the same descriptors of the conversation such as this portion:

"It's for this experimental film, Which nobody knows about, And which I'm still figuring out, What's going to go in my experimental film?

"Yeah-- you're all gonna be in this experimental film, And even though I can't explain it I already know how great it's

"I already know the ending it's The part that makes your face implode, I don't know what makes your face implode, But that's the way the movie ends"

When I told my mentor at the time, she said, "Well now you have to actually make the film!"


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