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My long-neglected Journal...

It was only when a co-worker asked me this morning about the strange quotes that shows up in her friends' list that I realized all my Facebook and Twitter status updates show up here on LiveJournal when I'm not even thinking about it. I mean, I set it up that way on purpose, afraid to let go of this journal, but also deluding myself into thinking that 140 characters could hold any import here as they do in those other environs.

Nope, they're two completely different beasts, and become increasingly confusing when I'm trying to balance the many comments I receive for these entries over on Facebook, versus the one or two that show up here. And the truth I have to face is, my priorities have changed. I no longer want to spend a half-hour to 45 min. each day typing up entries to commemorate that day's thoughts. And as the idea of sharing communal experiences with other friends here still appeals to me, we mutually peeking into each other's daily routines and landmarks, the truth is also that 90% of those people aren't doing that anymore either, as they too have made the migration.

I'll certainly continue to keep up with my friends and communities list here as I have the past six years, but for me and most of the other people that've moved on, all the real fun has been over at Facebook the past year and a half; it's just too easy to share there.

I'm sure I'll repurpose this blog at some point. Who knows? The new social media sites may eventually turn people back from brevity to more insightful journal entries. But I like to think that what you can sum up in those delicious little bit-size entries more frequently throughout the day speaks volumes more about your state of experience in the moment than a carefully orchestrated and proofed journal you know will be read by scores of other eyes. And having the option over there of creating and posting longer "Notes" when you feel like it, as well as easily sharing so much music, video, and pictures makes it a no-brainer. We shall watch and see...
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Deleted comment

It seems it's been a slow transition, but it's interesting to see so many people doing the same thing. That's technology for you!
For what its worth, I still feel I get more out of posts like this than <140 character comments.

Plus, its not cluttered with all the games.

That said, Facebook is light years ahead of LJ technologically and is obviously far better at generating advertising revenue due to very well targeted ads.
Fortunately, and I know I'm lucky in this regard, but I never receive game posts in my Facebook feed. Either most of the people I've friended there simply don't play those games, or else the system is being smart and weeding them out for me.

There are a select two dozen or so people whose entries I would welcome in classic journal form other day, but for people I've simply friended for networking I can deal with simple 140 character updates.

I wish LiveJournal would reinvent itself technologically to compete.